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Here's what we know:

You don’t have the luxury of wasting any more time to figure out how to talk about your brand. Time = Money... and you're losing it if you don't have your message tight. 

You're worrying about WHERE the conversation is happening instead of focusing on WHAT the conversation needs to be. A good conversation will happen wherever it needs to happen, as long as it's a good conversation. 

When it comes to your brand, you probably feel a like an idiot savant. The words are in there. The heart is in there. The passion is in there. But when you open your mouth you kinda grunt and drool a little. 

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I needed images, a video course, web strategy, and design. Delivery was on time, quality exceeded expectations and helped me move the business way forward ! Communication was clear and I never felt lost in the process. Felt good to be led by a pro.
— Chris M.
Ryan is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with and produces very high quality results. He worked with me to develop my logo and branding and continues to provide me with ongoing ideas on how to leverage these assets. Essentially, he is my “on-demand” marketing department!
— Perry M.
Ryan and Brave Little Beast are creative masterminds. They understand the process of design and are very efficient, but also VERY attentive. I had described what I was looking for to other designers and received completely different concept art. Ryan’s first concept was perfect and needed very little refinement. I am extraordinarily busy, and it was nice to know I could reach him in those fleeting moments. Ryan was/is attentive, friendly, and professional. I will send everyone I know to him. THANKS AGAIN BRAVE LITTLE BEAST!!
— Kristen M.