Are you stuck working IN your business and not ON your business?

When it comes to marketing and brand building, you can’t do everything on your own…nor should you!

CEO or Founder?

Tell me if this sounds like you: “There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get all of my work done to keep the business moving forward AND move forward business development, build my brand, tell my story, and attract and connect with my tribes to keep the pipeline full. I’m looking for a strategic partner who can listen to my current struggles, help me craft a solid marketing plan, and then execute that plan while I help my clients.


I have a successful business with satisfied customers
I don’t have time to work ON my business to make sure my brand is at 100%

Marketing or Ops Director?

Tell me if this sounds like you: “I have a vision for where I want our brand to go and some fantastic ideas that I want to execute, but I don’t have the resources/knowledge to bring them to life. I have no time outside of my current efforts and am feeling the pressure to grow our brand. I’m looking for a strategic partner who can listen to my direction, help me find the right tactics, and then help me execute our plan in an agile and flexible way.


I have a solid business and a vision for the future of our brand
I don’t have the resources or tech know-how to bring that vision to life

So what can we do about it?

In our 12+ years of running a design agency, we found a recurring need that kept popping up in conversations. We would help our clients get really clear on their magic through strategy, build some brilliant creative to help share that magic, and then we would pass all of that over to the client for them to start using.

Then what would happen? Nothing. All of that hard work would start to collect dust because most business owners are fulfilling the needs of their customers (as they should be!) instead of working on their business.

Your options?

Option 1

Hire a marketing agency and pay them $100K+ a year to start a partnership. Then double down on your workload to pay for the equivalent of a full-time employee.

Option 2

Make more hours in the day by losing sleep, skipping the gym, missing your kids’ sports events, and slipping away into a numb, dark place.

I don’t like either of those options. I’m sure you don’t either. So here’s a third option:

Option 3

Work on a retained basis with a hybrid agency (strategy, design, and marketing) for the cost of a PART-TIME employee to get your time back, move your marketing efforts forward, build your brand, and tell your story to the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

That’s what we call Brand Fuel.

Our Brand Fuel plans are retained design and marketing engagements that help businesses, small and large, get the support they need to build their brand, engage their tribes, and ultimately expand their reach.

Our Approach

Alignment & Momentum

Every brand needs alignment and momentum. You need to align your brand and marketing strategies to focus on key brand objectives, and you need momentum to help stretch forward to pull towards your objectives.

The alignment helps you prioritize efforts, the momentum enables you to stretch for amazing.

Working in a 12-month agreement, we set our key objectives and lay them on a timeline. These objectives or “paths” help guide us towards the most critical goals for your brand. In addition, this gives us the flexibility to adjust courses throughout the year depending on your needs.

Customer JourneyCustomer AwarenessBrand ObjectivesProspect Focused TacticsCustomer Focused Tactics
KnowProblem Aware/Pain Aware:
A person knows they have a problem but doesn't know there are solutions to that problem.
Grow Awareness- Social Content
- Cold Email Campaigns
- Prospecting Boxes
- Email Newsletter
- Educational Content
- Case Studies
LikeSolution Aware:
A person knows there are solutions, but doesn't know about your specific offering.
Drive Engagement- Landing Pages
- Events & Webinars
- Popups & Signups
- Purchase Reminder Emails
- Social Content
- Events & Webinars
TrustProduct/Service Aware:
A person knows about your offering but isn't totally sure it solves their problem.
Build Confidence- Share Reviews
- Educational Content
- Case Studies
- Surveys & Feedback
- Client Gifts
- Loyalty Programs
BuyMost Aware:
A person knows all about your offering and is on the cusp of buying, but may need just a bit more motivation.
Inspire Action- Abandoned Cart Emails
- Promotions & Sales
- Live Chat/Chat Bots
ReferHyper Aware:
A person is actively looking to share with others that your solution is the right one for them too.
Invite Contribution- Referral & Affiliate Programs
- User-Generated Content
- Collect Reviews

Awareness & Objectives

Your branding and marketing objectives should work together to move people through the customer journey. You need to move people from prospects into customers. This means moving them from being unaware of your brand’s existence to liking your message and creative, trusting your expertise, buying the value you deliver, and then referring you to everyone they know.

The customer journey stages all tie to a level of customer awareness: Your customers will go from problem/pain aware, to solution aware, to product/service aware, to most aware, to hyper-aware.

So how do we move people through these stages? Through the brand objectives we set. Our objectives align our tactics and efforts to the customer journey. We need to grow awareness, drive engagement, build confidence, inspire action, and invite contribution to move people through.

Aligning the journey, the awareness of the customer, and the brand objectives will make your brand magnetic to your tribes.

Note: What you see above are only core objectives, and every brand will have custom objectives that fit their leadership team’s vision and culture. We will help listen, plan, build, and execute plans for those custom objectives too!

Brand Fuel Packages

We have 3 levels of Brand Fuel: Plus 87, Premium 90, and Ultra 93.

These packages each represent a level of engagement, expertise, and value to the customer. As your business grows, the plan will grow with you so we can support you!

Plus 87

"I need help, but I want to execute on my own."
  • Plus 87 is our intro package. This is great for smaller businesses who need an expert guide but aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to executing the work. The workload split is 25% on BLB and 75% on you.
  • One Design OR Marketing Project at a Time
  • Two 30-Minute Meetings A Month
  • Space for other meetings as needed
  • Dedicated Project Management Dashboard
  • Average of 80-100 hours of work over 12 months

Premium 90

"I need help and I want to split the workload evenly."
  • Premium 89 is our mid-level package. This package is perfect for mid-sized organizations that need an expert guide and want someone to help them execute and co-lead the marketing charge. In this plan the workload split is 50% on BLB and 50% on you.
  • One Marketing AND One Design Project at a Time
  • Two 30-Minute Meetings A Month
  • Space for other meetings as needed
  • Dedicated Project Management Dashboard
  • Average of 150-200 hours of work over 12 months
Most Popular

Ultra 93

"I need help, and I want you to do it for me."
  • Ultra 93 is our premium package. This is for larger organizations that need to supplement their marketing work and want us to execute a plan while you work on other goals in-house. The workload split is 75% on BLB and 25% on you.
  • Many Marketing and Design Projects at a Time
  • Two 30-Minute Meetings A Month
  • Space for other meetings as needed
  • Dedicated Project Management Dashboard
  • Average 250-350 hours of work over 12 months

Tired of running on empty? Get Fueled.

It’s time to align your efforts and get some momentum. Let’s talk today about how BLB’s Brand Fuel plans might work for your organization! Let’s add some fuel to the fire.


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