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Brand Identity (that's a logo, bro.)

Most people would call this a logo. But it so much more than that. Your brand and visual identity are the face of your business. I work with my clients to establish an amazing logo that helps tell their story, as well as all of the graphic elements (colors, patterns, photos, textures, etc.) that surround the logo. Think of it more as a system than a stand alone logo. 


Web Design & Development

Your website is typically the first stop when someone finds out that your business exists. It's the welcome mat to your brand. How are you telling your story and deepening the interest of your audience? 

We use 3 tools to bring your brand to life in the digital space; Squarespace, Webflow, or Wordpress. All three tools have a place in our web design process and we can help build complex membership sites, all the way down to small 5 page "brochure" sites. We'll get you sent up to win on the interwebz.  


Print & Digital Collateral

Print isn't dead. Digital isn't everything. There's a balance to be had between your digital collateral and your physical print pieces. People respond in different ways to different media. We can help you create stunning print and digital creative work to tell your story and captivate your tribes. 

As with everything, there's no prescription that will work for everyone. We take this client by client to see how we can deliver the right creative, at the right time, to the right people. Thats an art. We've mastered it. 



Sometimes you're launching something that is almost a brand inception (a brand inside of a brand). We can help you with that. Be it a product, a new service, or a new angle on presenting your current products and services, we can help you plan and launch successful campaigns to your tribes. 

Again, this is NEVER boxed, or prescriptive. This plan is custom for you. Nothing unnecessary. No filler. All Killer. 

I cannot recommend Brave Little Beast enough! Ryan exceeded all of our expectations! He delivered everything we wanted, on time, and it looks absolutely amazing! Ryan was fantastic in communicating and figuring out the style we were looking for. I highly recommend Brave Little Beast!
— Nathan S.
Ryan and Brave Little Beast are creative masterminds. They understand the process of design and are very efficient, but also VERY attentive. I had described what I was looking for to other designers and received completely different concept art. Ryan’s first concept was perfect and needed very little refinement. I am extraordinarily busy, and it was nice to know I could reach him in those fleeting moments. Ryan was/is attentive, friendly, and professional. I will send everyone I know to him. THANKS AGAIN BRAVE LITTLE BEAST!!
— Kristen M.