Group Beast School!

You don’t have the luxury of wasting any more time to figure out how to talk about your brand.

Time = Money... and you're losing it if you don't have your message tight. 

You get hit with 500 incomplete, convoluted, and expensive "brand clarifying" solutions every day.

Everyone claims to have the solution. The problem is that their solutions are based around THEM providing the answers that ONLY YOU can provide. I've taken the best of what i've learned and walked through with clients to form a complete, simple, and cost effective solution. 

You're worrying about WHERE the conversation is happening instead of focusing on WHAT the conversation needs to be.

A good conversation will happen wherever it needs to happen, as long as it's a good conversation. 

When it comes to your brand, you kinda feel like an idiot savant. 

The words are in there. The heart is in there. The passion is in there. But when you open your mouth you kinda grunt and drool a little. 

That hit home? Let's go to school.

You're not alone any more.


I've learned a lot in the past 10 years. I've used exercises to help businesses get clarity around their brands, I've worked with global companies to set their strategy and messaging, and I've worked with local breweries for ... beer. 

I've taken the best of what I have learned and put it into an experience for businesses called Beast School. I've stripped everything that has resonated and produced results down to these core principles. Beast School is my absolute BEST delivered in 1 4-hour group workshop with the option of a 1-hour followup meeting (to tie up the loose ends). 

What's Included:

  • A group experience for up to 15 people (Why a group? Well… it allows the class attendees to share the cost of a Beast School session which makes it more affordable for everyone. BOOM!)

  • Custom Beast School workbooks and swagggggg

  • Light Refreshments & Snacks

  • BONUS: A hot knife to help you cut through your own barriers and bullshit like butter ;)

Here's what I can promise you:

I will help you put words to what you've been struggling to say about your brand.

I will help you find your uniqueness and how it relates to your audience.

I will help you simplify your product and service offerings so they sell themselves.

I will help you take your customers on a magical journey that draws them closer to your brand.

Here's What We Cover:


The Principles of Magic Brands

  • 4 Principles

  • Why Magical Brands Win

  • How this all fits together

Heart - Why Do We Exist?

  • Brand Character/Personality

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Anthem


Tribes - Who Are We Speaking To?

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Tribe Definition

  • Tribe Worldview

  • Brand Promise

Craft - What Do We Do?

  • Tangible | Intangible Products & Services

  • Add | Remove | Simplify


Journey - What's the Experience?

  • Customer Attraction Model

  • Asset Review

  • Gap Identification

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ryan! The obvious is that he is a creative and passionate designer. Where he takes it to a whole other level is his commitment to understanding your brand through Beast School. He took the time to ask insightful questions about our brand that I never would have dreamed of asking and it was fun to dream of possibilities through this experience. If you are looking for a creative voice to help you launch your brand or refine your brand mission The Brave Little Beast is the perfect partner!
— Jamie S.
I think Beast School was exactly what I needed although it has been a painful and arduous process. The reality is that doing this type of work and developing these critical pieces of your brand should be hard because it is a creative process and clarity comes with a cost.
— Perry M.

Ready? Let’s go to school…