When you decide to work with a designer, you aren't just paying for design. You are paying for a process. The process is a make or break for a successful project.

We have dedicated a lot of time and energy into crafting our process. It's built on the experience of working in the industry for over 10+ years with startups, small businesses, non-profits, and large corporations. We embrace clarity and simplicity, so our process has 5 steps.

1. Discover  |  2. Plan  |  3. Create  |  4. Refine  |  5. Launch


When you engage a designer or agency for creative work, you have something specific in mind. A website. A logo. A print piece. The problem is this; there are subsequent things that need to be accomplished to support all your project that you might be unaware of. We like to help our clients take a step back and see the whole picture and make sure that there are no missed opportunities before heading into the planning phase.

This phase is all about asking "why". Repeatedly. Only then can we bravely step forward knowing that we're doing the right thing with your precious resources and time.


Planning doesn't mean that you can forsee every obstacle, but it means that you can avoid the common mistakes, and go further, faster. When you're not improvising from the start, you're ready for it when the time comes to improvise.

We help our clients craft a plan to execute their project so that we're efficient and cost effective.


Here's where we sprinkle some magic dust. We've discovered the right tactics, planned our attack, and now we create something beautiful. We pour ourselves into everything that we touch. If we've agreed to work together on something, know this; you're getting our best. Every time. We create for a living because for us it's the overlap of passion and fun.


The process doesn't stop after creating. Our projects are always a combination of our expertise, passion, and your expertise and passion. In the refinement phase we get your feedback on what we've built do a couple things; work with you to explain our choices to help you understand why a specific direction was taken, or correct our creative work so that it fits your vision better.


All of the blood, sweat, and beers went into this moment. We have discovered, planned, created, refined, and we finally bravely launch our hard work out into the world. We help you make sure you have everything you need to share your story with the world and engage the people that matter most to your company.

The best part? This doesn't have to be the end... we'll be waiting to help bring your next brilliant idea to life.

BLB built squarespace pages along w/ image content and icon design. Great project management skills, and patient with feedback. Overall - very professional and talented.
— Sal H.
After several unsuccessful attempts with self-described ‘Branding/Logo’ gurus, I was fortunate to find Ryan. He truly is what the others claim to be. A consummate professional with a great ‘bedside manner’ that really took the time to understand what I was about, what my company was about. BLB is one of those professional/vendor relationships that are worth their weight in gold. Looking forward to working with him well into the future!
— Paul D.