Small Business Website Emergency Care Package

With the Governor's “shelter in place” order in effect through the end of April, non-essential retail shops have had to close their doors throughout our state. SOME of these shops have websites and are able to switch to online sales in order to keep the lights on and support their families. Some…are not so fortunate. If that's you, we want to help.

Who is this for?

We’ve created these cost-effective packages to get small retail shops selling online within one week in order to provide some relief to the lost income due to COVID-19. We have TONS of Squarespace experience and would love to help create a simple digital storefront for you to add onto as time goes on! This package is BEST suited for:

What’s included?

This package is designed to be QUICK and EFFICIENT. Our goal is to build a simple e-commerce site on Squarespace that you can build off of and add products to as this pandemic continues, and beyond.

These sites would be designed and launched within ONE WEEK* of kickoff

Here’s what this package includes:

The customization of a Squarespace website with up to 5 unique pages. These will be your Home page, About page, Contact page, etc.

The addition of 10-15 products that your customers can purchase
(We’ll train you how to add more after the initial build-out of your site)

Never had a website before? Perfect! We’ll give you a 30-minute training on Squarespace, how to edit your site, how to add products, and answer any questions you might have.

We know questions always pop up after the first few days of using your new site. We’ll give you access to a Slack channel so that you can get quick answers to your questions as you have them.

*We are going to do EVERYTHING within our power to get these sites up as FAST as possible while still doing a kick-ass job. The timeline will ultimately depend on the business owner and their response times. The more available you are to assist in content creation, answer questions, etc. the faster we’ll be able to work.

If you’ve been too busy or on the fence about diving your business into the online world, NOW is the time!

How much does it cost?

We know everyone’s struggling right now. What’s important is that you get what you need to stay afloat, but also not go broke over it. In order to do this we have 3 payment plans to fit your current budget:

*Squarespace has an additional cost of $27 a month for hosting your website and the content management system. If you don’t have one already, we’ll also need to purchase a domain for your site. These are typically only $10-$15. For payment processing we will be using Stripe, Paypal, or Apple Pay (as these are the payment gateways that integrate with Squarespace).

Where do I start?

All of that sound good? Awesome. Confused as hell? That’s ok! Either way, we’re here to help. It’s all going to start with a phone call. Please use the calendar below to schedule your kickoff call so we can meet (digitally, of course!) and talk about getting you back in front of your customers.

Calling all designers!

Depending on the response rate and workload, we’d love to spread the love (not the Rona!) with local designers who might be looking for work during this difficult time. If that’s you, and you have some Squarespace experience, we’d love to hook you up! Send us a shout at along with a link to your portfolio. Together we’ll be able to help twice as many small businesses than we could on our own. BOOM!

If you know a business owner that’s struggling and could benefit from getting a quick website up and running in order to offset the effects of COVID-19, please share this page using the buttons below.

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