Before you sign up for Beast School is KEY that you understand what it is, and what it isn't

What Beast School Is:

  • An experience that helps businesses uncover their brand magic and talk about it in a way that matters to the people who matter.
  • The right mix of concepts, questions, and exercises bottled into an experience that will help help you put words to the chaos in your brain.
  • A simple, concise, way to talk about WHY you exist, and WHAT you do.
  • A framework and a process to return to every time you need to realign, or refocus your brand.

What Beast School Isn't:

  • A consultation session where I tell you all the answers.
  • A class where you sit back and let me do all of the thinking for you. My effort in this process is equal to, but not greater than your effort.
  • A comprehensive to-do list that will make your brand magical if you check the boxes.

Who Is It For:

  • Driven people who really want to understand their brand, and themselves better.
  • People who are ready to wrestle with the unknown and want to put the effort into making a difference with their brand.
  • People who aren't scared to look into the mirror, call their problems what they are, and then make the necessary adjustments to help move their brand forward.

Who Beast School Isn't For:

  • People who want someone to tell them exactly what to do, say, and write.
  • People looking for an easy, comfortable, painless way to get something to write about on their website.
  • People who aren't willing to put in the time and effort to understand what makes a magical brand and apply it to their business.