Launching a small business from the ground up.

Baked Better

Baked Better is a Columbus, Ohio bakery hand-crafting amazingly delicious cookies with mindfully curated ingredients. Each flavor has been developed by owner Stephanie Nowak with the goal of not only being a tasty treat, but also being healthier than the traditional cookie. By using the very best ingredients available, Baked Better has options available for everyone, no matter the lifestyle.

How can we quickly convey the love and dedication that Stephanie puts into each cookie through a simple, easy-to-remember name?

Company Naming

With such an emphasis on crafting each cookie with the best possible ingredients, we knew the name had to convey quality, authenticity, and heart. Stephanie has put her soul into each recipe and truly cares about the needs of her customers. She has options for keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegan diets. She prepares every batch herself and hand-delivers them to her customers. Everything about her operation is done with love. Put simply, it’s just…better.

And with that simple thought, Baked Better was born.

Brand Identity

Once we had a name that fit the brand, it was time to give that brand a visual identity. After a few sketching marathons, we ultimately landed on a “BB” monogram that is both simple and elegant. We contained the monogram within a half-tone tone circle, subtly hinting at the shape of the cookies.

The distressing of the circle compliments the straight, modern lines of the monogram, and reinforces the fact that each cookie is handmade. These cookies are not pumped out of a factory in batches of thousands, each one looking exactly the same. They’re baked in small batches and each one has its own unique character.

Web Design & Development

As the brand began to take shape, we knew it was time to get started on the digital presence. Stephanie had two major requirements for her website: the ability to accept online orders, and that it be easy to update. Squarespace was the obvious choice. It’s got enough design flexibility that we can create a unique ecommerce site that fits her brand, but also boasts a streamlined backend that allows for super simple updates.

Since Stephanie hand-delivers every order, we also set up an automated scheduling system to make her life a little easier. Each time an order is placed on her website, an email is automatically generated and sent to the customer with a link to schedule their delivery with her predetermined weekly trips. That way she isn’t bogged down by a million emails back and forth trying to schedule a good time for customers to get their orders. It all happens on its own while she focuses on the cookies.

Print & Digital Collateral

We rounded out the project with a few miscellaneous items that would help Stephanie spread the word about Baked Better. Business cards and cookie cards were created so that as she begins visiting local events she can display each flavor and the ingredients they contain in a beautiful package.

We knew from the beginning that her social media presence was going to be a huge aspect to her marketing, so we also developed a “launch pack” of posts that she could use to drum up excitement leading up to launch day.

“You guys took an abstract idea and made it into something that really communicates the essence of what I’m doing with my business! This is far beyond all my expectations.”

– Stephanie Nowak | Owner



82 Mill St. Suite C
Gahanna, OH 43230


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