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Mammoth Labels & Packaging is a Central Ohio company specializing in labeling, marking & coding. They work with companies all across the country developing specifically tailored solutions to their packaging problems. They’re perfectly comfortable handling projects as simple as printing a few hundred labels for a local vineyard or as complex as a few hundred thousand variable data labels that must comply with intense government regulations.

They approached us needing a full brand audit. The printing industry is changing incredibly rapidly and their company is no different. They were in the middle of upgrading their equipment and decided that with the increased capabilities they were about to unveil, they should also take the time to invest in their brand and create a whole new experience for their customers.

After an intense Beast School session and a couple weeks of Brand Strategy discussion, we decided a name change and full rebrand was in order.

Company Naming

When they approached us for a brand audit, their company name was “Boehm Labels & Labeling Solutions”. There were a few problems with that name:

“Boehm” was incredibly hard to pronounce if you hadn’t been exposed to it before. Was it supposed to be “Boh-em”? “Bo-heem”? “Boim”? Nobody knew until they were told, and that’s not good! (for the record, it was supposed to be pronounced “Bayme”)​

“Boehm” was the family name of the original owner, and the Boehm family is no longer involved in the company. Using a family name as the name of a company isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but in this case it made more sense to shift to another name that better suited the company’s new mission.

The name also didn’t have any brand equity. The company had been around for 60 years but hadn’t built their brand to scale along with them.​ It was time to shift to a name that not only describes them as they are now, but also who they want to be in the future.

Our next step was to develop a few different naming platforms based on the Brand Strategy findings we uncovered in Beast School. Under each platform, we then came up with multiple plausible options, assisted with trademark and domain searches, and narrowed things down to a few options that were truly unique in their space. Ultimately, we landed on Mammoth Labels & Packaging.

The Mammoth name implies strength and reliability. This is a company that has been around for half a century and has seen and solved every type of packaging problem there is. And with the new equipment they’ve invested in, the increased capabilities they’re now able to offer makes them truly Mammoth.

Brand Identity

After deciding on a name, it was time to move on to the brand identity. After a lot of thought, we decided that including a literal mammoth in the logo wasn’t the way we wanted to go. It was too “on-the-nose”. We needed something more subtle and refined.

Ultimately, we ended up developing a geometric “M” logo that serves as a bold, modern mark and also echoes the shape, sturdiness, and strength of a mammoth. The spike on the right-hand side jutting out to form the shape of a tusk is just the perfect nod to the company name.

Web Design & Development

The label and packaging industry as a whole has really struggled to keep up with the digital era. The majority of Mammoth’s competitors have very little web presence, and those that do haven’t kept up with modern standards in their websites. This was the perfect opportunity to make Mammoth an industry-leader by giving them a modern website that’s fully responsive, and optimized for SEO, and highlights the personality of their brand.

Print & Digital Collateral

While Mammoth is committed to digitizing a lot of their business, they also have a full sales staff out in the field building personal relationships with their clients. Along with that comes the need for quite a bit of sales collateral that they can use as talking points during meetings, leave-behinds for potential customers, and branding for trade shows.

“You guys totally knocked it out of the park! We couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you for your creativity and patience with us along this journey!”

– Christy Addington | Operations Director


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