There's something magical at the heart of your brand, and we can help you find it.

In working with hundreds of brands across dozens of industries, we have found 3 truths that will set you free

(right after they scare the shit out of you…)

Truth #1

You are not entirely in control of your brand.

As much as we would like to hold complete control over our brand, we need to come to grips with the fact that our brand isn’t what we say it is – it’s what our customers say it is.

We can control the alignment of who we say we are and what we do. That is our responsibility; Aligning our words to our actions to the client experience.

Truth #2

You can’t leave your story to chance.

Most business owners are too busy working in the company instead of on the company. They focus too little time and too little energy on creating a cohesive brand with a personality and a specific value to their tribes.

If you fail to tell any story at all – your customers will make one up… and you might not like the story they are sharing.

Truth #3

YOU are the magic.

We believe that the answers you seek are already inside of you. You are what makes your company special.

The world needs you to show up in all of your beautiful, brilliant, (and sometimes weird) glory. This authenticity will separate you from your competition and help your brand become magnetic to your customers.

So, how do we achieve brand alignment, tell an engaging story, and deliver a fantastic experience?

It all starts with finding your Brand Magic

Your Brand Magic is the true essence of your brand. It’s the heart and soul of who you are, what you are set out to do, and how you want to impact your tribes. It’s the reason your customers choose you over the competition (and why it doesn’t matter if the competition copies you – because they can’t replicate YOUR magic). It’s what you do instinctually. It’s natural and authentic to who you are.

BUT, even though you do this without thinking about it…

You need to find and define this magic to understand how it is unique to you, how it speaks to your customers, and ultimately how you can use it as your north star for navigating into the future.

Your Brand Magic is found through 3 actions:

1.Embracing your Humanity

Understanding your Customers

3. Simplifying your Expertise

1. Embracing Your Humanity

Humans connect with human brands.

We all have a massive list of things that make us human, but two core elements are our character and our values. Our character is made up of our distinctive mental and moral qualities that influence how we look and speak. Our values are principles or standards of behavior that influence what we believe and how we behave.

We need to define these for our brand to use them as filters on social, the website, and in any other marketing collateral. They all should be working to tell the same story from the same value perspective in the same tone of voice.

2. Understanding Your Customers

Your circle can’t contain everyone.

“Everyone” isn’t an appropriate answer when asked who our customers are. Brands who are smart draw a circle around their brand, services, and products and say – “who is in this circle with us?”. Our circle can contain specific roles, industries, business stages, and demographics that interact with our brand.

Once we have these defined, we need to understand how these groups think, feel, and act. We need to understand not just their demographics but their psychographics. This will inform how we interact with them and the angle of the story we tell to help them engage.

3. Simplifying Your Expertise

The customer experience needs to be simple.

You are the expert at what you do. There’s inevitably a complexity that comes with that. But here’s the catch – you are the one that needs to bear the weight of that complexity. Your customer is paying you to simplify the complex.  Your brand needs to be so simple and straightforward that the customer knows EXACTLY what to do with you and how much better their life will be with you as a part of it.

Achieving that level of simplicity is not easy. Still, the brands that harness the power of simplicity will reap the rewards of clear market fit, magnetic customer loyalty, and shortened sales cycles.

How do we figure all of this out? Well… We’ve bundled these actions into a fun day-long experience called The Brand Magic Workshop.

I came to BLB with a vague idea of what I wanted, and some half-baked phrases and images. As they walked with me through the deep, expansive, fun, and creative Brand Magic process, I began to experience a bigger vision for my business than I could imagine on my own. Forever grateful!

– Jason Miller | InnerSound

BLB asks the right questions to get to the root and the core values….and the ever essential “WHY” we get to do what we do! We strongly recommend seeking out Brave Little Beast as you create and cultivate your brand!

– Erik Lehmann | ACE 4 Impact

BLB really helped me focus my brand character down to 3 words: Curious, Optimistic, and Practical. While this may seem simple I was struggling to articulate the voice I wanted my business to have. Their process for brand discovery was amazing.

– Dr. Sarah Andreas | WiseWood

Workshop Details

We’ve built a 6-hour brand experience around these actions. In that time, we will help you humanize your brand, pinpoint and understand your customers, simplify the complexity of your work, and have some fun in the process.

Experience Includes:

We Promise:

You’ll uncover your uniqueness and how it relates to your audience.

You’ll put words to what you’ve been struggling to say about your brand.

You’ll simplify your products/services, so they sell themselves.

You’ll get to know your customers better than they know themselves.


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Unlock your magic.

Brand Magic is our foundational 6-hour brand workshop where we figure out what it is that makes your brand special. Spoiler alert: It’s you.