We Lead Brands Into Bravery

There’s something hidden at the center of your business that you’re not making the most of.  Something magical.We can help you find it.



Brave Little Beast is a micro branding agency* based in Columbus, Ohio.

*micro branding agency = literally one dude.

How Can We Help?

I’ve spent 15,000+ hours playing, failing, learning, and growing. I’m super honed-in on how I can help you; Strategy, Design, and Experience.

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Naming (Product/Business)
  • Brand Consulting & Strategy
  • Brand and Visual Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Print & Digital Collateral
  • Campaigns & Presentations
  • Environmental Design
  • Product Packaging

  • Internal & External Signage

  • Event Design & Planning

Feel lost? Need Help? I'm here.

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