You are magic.
About Us

Brave Little Beast is a strategic branding agency.

All heart. No ego. We deliver exceptional work with no pretense or fluff. Our approach is guided yet conversational, and we do our best work when we engage with clients who are doing their best work.

A lot of people ask about our name.

As you try to put your unique mark on the world, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you at every turn. There is constant pressure to work against your values, to get lost in the “doing.”, and to become a carbon copy of someone else. In the face of these challenges, keeping your confidence in your raw intuition feels nearly impossible.

We exist to inspire bravery in our clients. We live to help you uncover the authentic magic hidden at the core of your organization, clarify it, and then equip you to share it with your audience in brilliant ways. This clarity will help you feel brave in the face of fear and give you the confidence and momentum you need to succeed.

So, although we bear the name, we aren’t the only Beasts. You are one too.

How We Work

Efficiently delivering results.
Eliminating surprises through direct communication.
Intentionally making time for personal development.
Hunting down and highlighting the magic in every project.
Consistently speaking truth through our actions.
Setting the vibe with a positive attitude.