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Brave Little Beast specializes in building and activating magical brands. Prioritizing a strategy-first approach, we have three core engagements in which we bundle our services.

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Brave Little Beast leading a brand strategy workshop

Strategy is the key that unlocks your magic.

When we say we’re a strategy-first agency, we mean it. Everything we do is a result of the strategy work that came before it. As a result, purpose and meaning is baked into the project from the very beginning and what we create actually has a measurable impact on your bottom line.


Your brand’s strategy is the heart of everything you believe, which then drives how you act. Just as humans have personality and soul, so does your brand.


Design is the wrapper around your strategy. It’s how you present yourself to others, and the first thing someone sees when they encounter your brand in the wild.


Activation is the outermost layer to your brand. It’s the way you go out into the world and interact with others, presenting your services as an option to be bought.

Our Engagements


Brand Basis

Brand Basis is our strategy-only engagement for clients looking to establish or transform their verbal brand (strategy and positioning). This engagement works best for organizations looking for alignment and an outside perspective to move the brand forward.

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Ryan Magada of Brave Little Beast pointing at a whiteboard during a brand strategy session

Brand Builder

Brand Builder is our cornerstone engagement for clients needing a complete brand built, including the strategy and a visual identity system. This engagement works best for organizations looking to extend their brand basis into a complete visual identity that they can utilize in their marketing and sales efforts.

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Adam Hayman of Brave Little Beast designing a logo presentation deck

Brand Activator

Brand Activator is our most comprehensive engagement for clients looking for a complete brand build plus go-to-market strategy and brand activation. This holistic engagement is for organizations looking not just to build their brand but to also methodically activate it in the world.

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04 // Custom Brand Package

Looking for SOMETHiNG a bit DIFFERENT?

While most of our clients fit into one of these packaged engagements, we know that sometimes there’s a need for a unique mix. Let’s chat about crafting a custom plan specific to you.

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Our Capabilities

Brave Little Beast specializes in brand strategy, identity, and activation. Our team is fascinated and energized by brand building. You could even say we are obsessed - and that’s apparent in our processes and approach. Curious what’s in our wheelhouse?

Research & Insights
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Purpose, Vision, & Values
Brand Personality, Voice, & Tone
Brand Anthem & Tagline
Brand & Product Naming
Visual Strategy
Logo Design
Brand System Design
Color & Typography Specs
Brand Guidelines
Website Design
Website Development
Revenue Engine Development
Go-To-Market Strategy
Go-To-Market Execution
Brand Launch
Campaign Development