What's a Brave Little Beast anyway?

A lot of people ask us about our name. The truth is, owning a business is really scary. The odds seem to be stacked against you at every turn. You’ve got people relying on you to succeed and it’s nearly impossible to keep your confidence day after day. But that’s where we come in.

Simply put, we’re obsessed with inspiring bravery in our clients. We live to uncover the magic hidden at the core of your business and then share it with your audience simply and clearly. You’ll go from scrambling to get people to connect with what you do, to confidently telling your story and engaging with your customers better than ever before.

So what’s a Brave Little Beast? You are.

Meet the team.

Ryan Magada

Ryan loves campfires, 90’s rock, and an ocean view. An obsessive whiteboard-user, Ryan’s perfected the process of making what he likes to call “pretentious coffee”, and he’ll gladly brew you a cup when you visit the office. When he’s not working, he’s at home with his wife and 4 kids planning a new adventure.

Adam Hayman

Adam is always thinking, whether it be about projects, books, or tacos. Hailing from a town in Ohio most people can’t pronounce, he’s a little too obsessed with sparkling water and good pens. When he’s not designing stuff at work, you can usually find him adding way too much garlic to tonight’s dinner.

Johnny Ropple

Johnny’s the latest addition to the BLB team, and also the most mustachio’d. He’s the only member of the team who designs with a trackpad, which Ryan and Adam feel is getting dangerously close to heresy. But his dashingly good looks and impeccable taste in music make up for it. Mostly.

We are defined by our values.


Mind the details in everything we do.


No proving. No hiding.


Experiential, not transactional.


Find the magic.


Always be honing.


Over. Early. Often.

Our clients are some amazing folks.

Some of our local partnerships.

We work with the best in the business.

Over the years we’ve developed some amazing partnerships with folks we can call on for some outside support as needed. All experts in their fields, their skills compliment ours and end up creating a pretty badass team if we do say so ourselves.

Randall Whitted
Copywriting / SEO / PPC
Anna Hetzel
Copywriting / SEO
Ghost Label
Video Production

Tonic Studios
Screen Printing



82 Mill St. Suite C
Gahanna, OH 43230


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Unlock your magic.

Beast School is our foundational 4-hour brand bootcamp where we figure out what, exactly, it is that makes your brand special. Spoiler alert: It’s you.