Transform your brand narrative.

Your basis informs the systems & principles behind your mindset and the reasoning behind your actions. Your basis is found at the intersection of your brand’s heart, voice, circle, product, position, and story.

These six items create your unique brand positioning that are the foundation for everything. After these are clearly defined, you’ll be primed and ready to build a strong visual identity that can then be activated in the market through a magnetic Go-To-Market Strategy.

Brand Basis is right for you if:
You are ready and willing to change where needed.
You desire strategic re-alignment as a brand.
Your brand was built in stages over a long stretch of time.
Everyone has a different way of talking about your brand.
You spend more time convincing than you do converting.
You can’t seem to connect with your audience.
Let's Find Your Brand Basis

Discover your basis. unlock your magic.

Get Clear

Establish Your Baseline.

Know who you are, who your audience is, and the gap you fill in the market.


Move on purpose.

Embrace your purpose, vision, and mission as your brand’s shared compass.


Leverage your uniqueness.

Empower your team to clearly articulate your competitive advantage and USP.


Captivate always buyers.

Define your “always buyers”. Understand how they think, feel, and purchase.

Our Method



Your heart aligns the brand internally, establishing the culture of your team and externally, forming a connection with your audience.

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Key Elements



Your voice should be defined, then shared and used by all customer-facing teams in order to build brand consistency & equity over time.

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Key Elements



Your circle focuses your marketing on audiences that want what you are selling, trust that you’re the right fit, and are ready to buy.

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Key Elements



Your product/service package is your core offering to your circle. It should be clear, simple, and positioned as a no-brainer for your always buyer.

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Your position shapes your brand’s perception in the market. It sits smack dab in the intersection of what you do best and what your buyers need.

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Your story shows your audience that you understand them, you have a solution that fixes their problem, and you can be trusted to deliver.

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The Brand Basis Process

Brand Discovery
Workshop Sessions
Compendium Creation
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