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Brand Builder is an expansion on the Brand Basis engagement. After establishing your verbal identity, we dive deep into developing a unique, ownable visual identity which then leads into a custom website build.

A mockup of the SKYCATCHFIRE website

Show up how you’ve always imagined.

Having a strong visual identity to rally around excites your employees, creates a solid first impression, and communicates your story when you’re not there to tell it. A well-crafted identity system should begin to convey the values and personality of your brand, and give your audience an idea of how you see the world.

Brand Builder is right for you if:
Your team needs re-aligned and re-energized.
You’re consistently losing business to your competition.
Your sales have stagnated over the years.
You’re making a major update to your services.
A merger or acquisition is in your future.
You’re a funded startup looking to gain traction.
Let's Build YOur Brand

Develop your brand. unlock your magic.

Get Clear

Establish Your Baseline.

Know who you are, who your audience is, and the gap you fill in the market.


Move on purpose.

Embrace your purpose, vision, and mission as your brand’s shared compass.


Leverage your uniqueness.

Empower your team to clearly articulate your competitive advantage and USP.


Captivate always buyers.

Define your “always buyers”. Understand how they think, feel, and purchase.

Our Method

// Logo Design Process



Our logo process begins by diving deep into your industry, surveying the landscape and discovering what makes your audience tick.

Key Insight
Key Deliverable



Using our research as a guide, we build a unique & memorable identity for your business, including logo and brand system.

Key Insight
Key Deliverable



We wrap things up by creating a set of guidelines for your new brand so that everything remains cohesive over time.

Key Insight
Key Deliverable
// Website Process



We build websites that work for you. So the first step is to get clear on what needs built, how it should work, and what it will say.

Key Insight
Key Deliverable



Next we create a site that's a reflection of your brand, kicks off the sales process, and integrates with your existing systems.

Key Insight
Key Deliverable



With the site built and QA complete, we guide you through the launch and develop a plan to keep your site maintained.

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Key Deliverable

The Brand Builder Process

Brand Discovery
Workshop Sessions
Compendium Creation
Visual Identity
Brand Guidlines Creation
Website Design
Website Development
Need Something Else?
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Are you Ready for Massive Clarity?

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