September 14, 2022

My 3: Humble, Gracious, & Resilient

Ryan Magada

A Constant Reminder

Being a designer, I spend a lot of time at my computer. Like ... 75% of my time. I leave myself notes all the time on my iMac to remind me of important deadlines, dates, bills, etc. But, this post-it has been left on there for a while now. It helps me when I need a character check.Some might have professional goals or wealth goals, but I have character goals. These are the things I want to be known as in my life.When I die I want to have the people at my funeral talking about howgraciousI was, rather than how wealthy, popular, or talented I was. That my kids would remember howhumble I was. That my friends would remember how resilient I was. These are my 3.I NEED to tell myself these every day.


May I be humble in my success. Let me be held in constant tension of "there was more that I could have done" and " I did everything I could".I am still mewhen I win big, and I wasn't solely responsible for my success. I am not defined by my wins.


May I be gracious in all things. Let me be gracious with myself as I can only give to others what I have given to myself.Let me be gracious with others as I don't always know the full story. Grace is reciprocal. When I have grace with others, others will have grace with me.


May I be resilient in my failures.Let me feel the sting of failure, sit with it to process, and then get back up and start kicking ass again. Let me look at a troubled season as a stepping stone to something better. This isn't my life. It's a moment in my life. And it will pass.I am still mewhen I lose big, but I'm not defined by my losses.(Thanks Ryan Holiday for the words there.)

What are your 3? What do you need to remind yourself of everyday? Get that post-it up.