September 14, 2022

Process Series Vol. 1 - No Presentations

Adam Hayman

Here's what you should know about us...

We do things a little differently at Brave Little Beast. Most creative agencies LIVE for the big reveal at the end of a project. They want to flip to the final slide in their presentation and watch the client gasp in amazement at how beautiful and creative the design is. But here's the problem: 9 times out of 10, that doesn't happen. The vast majority of the time, the reaction is something along the lines of "...well it looks nice...but we were thinking it'd be more like...".

*queue sad trumpet noises*

So what happened? Obviously there was a communication breakdown somewhere in the line. At some point, the agency thought they had enough information to go on and didn't need to keep the client in the loop anymore. This disconnected the client from the work and lead to them coming into the presentation with their own preconceived ideas of what the final product should look like. This leads us to the first thing you should know about Brave Little Beast:

We don't believe in giving big "ta-da!" presentations. We believe in having genuine, human conversations.

Essentially, this means that instead of disappearing for a month to work on your project, we have a continuous conversation about what we’re doing in the form of regular weekly check-ins. Every Friday we’ll show you what we’ve been working on that week and every Monday you’ll send over your thoughts on what we’ve shared.

What we show you may not be complete. It may not be a beautifully polished logo that makes you cry tears of joy. The website might not be completely responsive yet. But it gives you something to react to and lets you see the directions we’ve explored and why we chose to go the route we have. This is a conversation. It’s far better for us to go back and forth, making small adjustments along the way to arrive at the right destination rather than for us to try to blow you away with a big surprise at the end, only to find out we took a wrong turn three weeks ago and didn’t realize it.

If that resonates with you, let’s get started!