September 14, 2022

The Choice Deathtrap

Ryan Magada

There's an app for that. BUT WHICH ONE?!

I constantly have the conversation with friends and clients about choosing the right option.Whether it’s for email and social media channels, or creative work and messaging. “What do I do if I made the wrong choice?”. There is such a fear that you’ll make the wrong choice that you end up not making any choice. That’s not how you win. If something isn’t working. Stop. Ask yourself what went wrong and why it’s not a good fit… then try something else. There is no one correct answer for any problem. There are different right answers that will get you to the same destination. Some may take longer. Some may help you know a way the problem isn’t solved, but that doesn’t make them wrong. You know something now that you didn’t know before.

Make the best decision with the information you currently have, and remain flexible. That’s how you win. Edison tested over 3,000 lightbulbs before he found the right one. Try, fail, and try again. You'll find the right fit.  What do you need to try today that you’ve been waiting to find the silver bullet for?