September 14, 2022

The Magical Elixir

Ryan Magada

I think for years I thought that this type of work was a myth. A "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" kind of thing. But I've nailed down (for now) the 3 things that I want my clients to understand BEFORE we engage in any work. I wanted to share these in case it might help all you hustling out there to find yourmagical elixir.Before we do any work, it's important to understand the following:

1. You will find cheaper solutions than us and you will find more expensive solutions than us.

We can find someone cheaper than you and more expensive than you in your industry. That's how it works. If we're starting this relationship off solely on price, we need to immediately re-evaluate. Budget is definitely a factor in this process, and we completed understand that money doesn't grow on trees, but the reason we work together should be based off of the VALUE we can deliver your company. That value comes at a price that is determined by my experience.We promise to be fair in price for the value we can deliver.

2. Success is creating something that has meaning for both of us that didn't exist before.

I don't want to waste your resources, and mine, building something that doesn't matter to your community, your business, and your tribes. If you don't want to make something meaningful, let's just be friends or just a network connection and save the time and money. If we go down that route and work together with a misalignment of values up front, in the end you will be upset, I will be upset,and it won't do anything positive for either of our businesses.I promise to not waste your resources, if you don't waste mine. 

3. I will respect your opinion in relation to your expertise, if you respect my opinion in relation to my expertise.

When we go to the dentist, we don't tell them how to do a root canal. That would be absurd. We have no experience in dental work. We go the dentist for preventative work OR because we're having pain and thinking we might need a root canal, but when we get in there, we lean on the dentist's expertise to tell us the correct way to solve the problem.In the same way, we don't know your industry and your craft as well as you. We will learn as much as we can through research and conversation, but we will lean on you to add to the conversation based off of your experience. This, however, is a two way street.I can help you fix the problem in your business only if you let me use my expertise, with your input, to diagnose and treat the issue. This mutual respect helps us build something that will blow both of our minds and is better than either of us had imagined.That's the magic.

What is your magical elixir? 

Know that you are in control of your environment for the most part. You can craft a magical elixir that will set you up to do brilliant work.Ready to make some magic?Let's chat.