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Creating a dynamic & scalable identity to power the future of financial advice.

Around the office we like to joke that AdviceGuide is “a financial advisor advisor”. But it’s true! In short, they work with financial advisors to revamp their processes to provide an amazing customer experience. Through a proprietary workshop they've developed, they guides their clients through a plan that uncovers their “secret sauce”, builds a service model that highlights what makes their firm special, and then empowers them with an operating system and KPIs to allow them to take their advice and run with it.

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The Problem

When Tad first reached out to BLB he essentially just had an idea: He wanted to help other advisors do the client relations portion of their jobs better - but he didn’t know what that looked like. We kicked things off with the Brand Magic Workshop (as usual!) and in that process he realized that a workshop would actually be a great way to structure his offering as well! He very cautiously asked if we would mind him taking some of the ideas we cover in the Brand Magic Workshop and adapting them to fit the financial space, to which we said “Are you kidding!? Go for it!!”. We’ve never been more flattered!

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Our Solution

Now that he had a service offering, he needed to communicate it. We walked through our Logo & Brand System design process, which resulted in a really slick wordmark that subtly hints at the conversational/advising nature of his business, and a beautiful green/yellow gradient graphic style. That gradient effect was such a hit that we used it as the basis for his new website. The entire site has a constantly shifting gradient in the background - something you don’t see every day and sets a really cool vibe for the brand. Through our work with Tad, we were able to solidify his business idea, develop what he needed to launch, and get him up and running in record time.

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"My experience working with Brave Little Beast was incredible. Their process is a masterclass on authenticity and aligning your values to your actions. They were instrumental in uncovering our core values and incorporating them into our messaging, activities, and processes. Highly recommended!"
Tad Herrington
Tad Herrington