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Providing a human touch to the healthcare tech space.

Every human comes with their own set of unique needs, experiences and goals. Bloom delivers services tailored to match. They provide technology and home care solutions that empower individuals with disabilities to live independently. From 24/7 remote monitoring to medication support and shared living arrangements, Bloom works hard to help their patients feel safe, comfortable, connected and in control of their wellbeing.

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The Problem

When Mark, the founder of Bloom reached out, his main concern was that they had outgrown their existing brand. They had been growing like crazy for the past few years, onboarding new team members and taking on new patients faster than they could keep up with. In all of that growth, they never took the time to step back, really define what they wanted Bloom to be and how they wanted to present themselves to the world.

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Bloom apparel and mobile website mockup

Our Solution

Any time someone approaches us with any sort of confusion in their brand, the Brand Magic Workshop is always the first step - and it was no different here. The workshop gave the Bloom team a ton of clarity into who they really are, especially now after they’ve grown so much. With that clarity achieved, we were then able to say “Ok this is who Bloom is. Now what does Bloom look like?” and create a gorgeous brand experience that communicates their mission and really elevates the way they present themselves to the world to match the amazing service they offer their patients.

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Bloom notebook and icon style
Bloom typography and color specifications
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