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LOUD Capital

Evolving the identity & web presence of a venture capital powerhouse.

LOUD Capital is changing alternative investment by leveraging the power of capital to improve lives and solve the world’s biggest problems. Led by a sharp team of managing partners, they provide a number of alternative investment opportunities paired with a stellar portfolio of more than 100 companies ranging from healthcare to transportation and beyond.

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The Problem

The team at LOUD Capital initially approached us asking if we could help update their website. While the site was out of date, a deeper dive into this issue made it clear that they had more than just a website problem - they had an identity problem.

As their team grew and changed over the years, they never sat down to clearly define their magic: what they stand for, what makes them unique, how they talk about what they do, etc. If we wanted to truly solve the problem, we needed to start from the beginning.

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Our Solution

We held a series of workshops with the LOUD team that walked them through the brand strategy process. In those sessions, we got deep into their purpose, mission, and vision. We defined their brand character and values, talked about their audience and what we can promise them, and ultimately created a unifying brand anthem that unites the team under a single, ownable statement: “We amplify value through purpose.”

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With the Core Identity nailed down, it was time to tackle the Visual and Digital Identities - most notably, the logo and website. The original LOUD logo was modeled after a waveform you’d see on a soundboard. Cool idea, but very busy and not well-executed. In our new logo we switched the concept to a sound wave integrated with the “Startup Valley of Death” curve, which is a crucial concept in how LOUD works with its portfolio companies. We paired the new logo with a library of brand assets included a refined color palette, ownable patterns, and unique icons.

And finally, it was time to tackle the website. LOUD’s new website captures their updated brand character by reflecting the curiosity inherent in the way they work. They’re not afraid to explore new territories and push boundaries, but they’re also experienced and relational. Their new website feels edgy, but personable - and most importantly tells the story of LOUD in a way that speaks directly to their audiences.

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"I wouldn’t recommend just any company but the great experience, receptiveness, and creativity are why we will recommend Brave Little Beast to all of our current and future portfolio companies."
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