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Case Study

Made Here Co.

Longtime chemical goods supplier Rudolph Bros & Co saw a unique gap in the commercial cleaning industry that they could capitalize on: Nobody was making industrial-grade cleaning products here in the United States. Jared, the cofounder of Rudolph Bros, set out to change this and approached BLB to lead him through the process.

The Problem

With Made Here, we were quite literally starting from scratch. Jared had the business idea and connections in the chemical supply industry, but no name, no logo, no website, and no go-to-market strategy. He put his full faith in BLB to help him turn this idea into a fully-fledged brand that disrupts the current market. First step: We needed a name!

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Our Solution

We led Jared through a naming process that helped him think deeply about what this new company stands for and how they could take the “Made in America” concept and approach it in their own unique way. Once we landed on the “Made Here” name, we paired that with a logo and design style inspired by 1950’s Americana that screams “Hard-working American”. Next up, we coordinated with Jared’s suppliers to develop a suite of packaging templates they could use as the product line expands, and finally - a website that tied it all together and allowed Made Here to start selling their first products.

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