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Mammoth Packaging

Turning this stale 60 year-old corporation into a relevant, competitive monster.

Mammoth Labels & Packaging is a Central Ohio company specializing in labeling, marking, & coding. They work with companies all across the country developing specifically tailored solutions to their packaging problems. They’re perfectly comfortable handling projects as simple as printing a few hundred labels for a local vineyard or as complex as a few hundred thousand variable data labels that must comply with intense government regulations.

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The Problem

When Mammoth initially approached us for a brand audit, they weren’t actually called Mammoth. They were called “Boehm Labels & Labeling Solutions”. And that was part of the problem: the name (and the brand as a whole) wasn’t representative of the company anymore. It was hard to pronounce, the Boehm family - who started the company - were no longer involved, and the name had very little brand equity, despite the company having been around for 60 years. They had all-new staff, all-new equipment, all-new processes…they needed a name that communicated that commitment to modernization.

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Our Solution

We walked through our entire process with the Mammoth team. Starting with the Brand Magic Workshop, we defined what heritage items make the company special, and what aspirational items we can aim for in the future. That lead into the naming process where we landed on “Mammoth Labels & Packaging” to signify the strength and reliability . From there, we started a 12-month retainer to completely revamp every single aspect of the company. Logo, website, brand collateral, sales materials, sample packs, not to mention both internal and external launch strategies to get get both their employees and customers on board with the rebrand. No stone was left unturned and the entire company has been refocused and primed for another 60 years of growth.

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"The BLB team made the incredibly daunting process of not just a rebrand, but a total company name change incredibly intuitive. They walked us through the process via the Brand Magic Workshop, which was the key to EVERYTHING. They’ve built a solid process that works! We went from a sleepy little company to "Mammoth" brand that is ready to soar."
Christy Addington
Christy Addington
Mammoth Packaging
Mammoth Packaging