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Helping the construction industry find new solutions for safety & communication.

MindForge is a SaaS startup determined to help construction companies communicate better. Research has shown again and again that in high-risk environments like construction jobsites, efficient communication is key to reducing serious injuries and fatalities. Their app provides an easy-to-use communication channel and encourages consistent, authentic company-wide communication despite potential obstacles such as distance, language barriers, etc.

Brand Activator
Services Provided

Brand Positioning

Purpose, Vision, & Values

Brand Personality, Voice, & Tone

Brand Anthem & Tagline

Logo Design

Brand System Design

Color & Typography Specifications

Brand Guidelines


Website Design

Website Development

Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Execution

Campaign Development

The Problem

The core issue that MindForge approached us with was that they were having trouble articulating their value to potential clients. Their initial thought was that their website needed redesigned, which certainly was part of it - but even deeper than that, they didn’t know who they were marketing to. Their app has a full suite of tools designed to help foster safer jobsites, but trying to hit on every single one of them in their messaging was convoluting their sales process. Customers first struggled to grasp everything MindForge can help them with, and then once they understood, they weren’t sure how MindForge fit into their already-established software ecosystem.

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Our Solution

As with all projects, the Brand Magic Workshop was the first place to start. Our session gave us (and them!) clarity on what was working and what needed adjusted - and from there, we were off to the races. Throughout our long partnership with MindForge, we’ve helped them hone their messaging, refine their branding, develop multiple websites, round out their sales materials, and support their marketing campaigns. We’ve worked with them month in and month out, constantly ensuring that despite their software evolving and new features being released, they’re always able to clearly and simply articulate who they are and what they do.

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