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Breathing new life into an innovative investment advisory firm.

Quantinno is an NYC-based asset management firm founded by Hoon Kim. Hoon is an industry veteran and pioneer of the long/short tax loss harvesting model - an investment strategy where your core equities are encircled by both long and short holdings that allow for more significant tax benefits regardless of market direction.

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The Problem

Quantinno approached us with a big issue: Hoon (and the methods he’s developed) are respected and world-renowned, but they weren’t telling that story at all in their branding and marketing. Their website was thrown together years ago and had always been a “we’ll get around to it eventually” thing that sat on the back burner. And clients were starting to notice. They needed to refine their whole presence in a way that presents them for who they really are: a world-class investment advisory firm who are experts in their field.

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Our Solution

The logo and brand system were the first orders of business. Quantinno initially had a decent little wordmark but it didn’t have much equity in their space - and they really liked the idea of using a simplified version of Hoon’s trademark long/short tax loss harvesting model as the logo itself, as that model is the backbone of everything that they do. While we don’t always advise using diagrams of processes as a logo, in this case it was a simple, ownable mark that actually worked really well in practice as we paired it with new colors, patterns, typography, and graphic elements.

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Because we had such a well-rounded visual identity established, it really streamlined the task of transitioning that into a website. We helped the Quantinno team write all-new copy that tells their story in a much more digestible way, and created a web experience that feels like it’s part of the new Quantinno ecosystem - not just a bandaid solution that they never got around to finishing. The new site and identity has had a ton of great feedback from clients and prospects alike, and continue to generate great leads for Quantinno today.

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"We had a great experience working with BLB. From the onboarding process, to the design phase, to the rollout of our new branding and website, BLB was incredibly thoughtful and professional. They understood our needs and delivered exactly what we needed (and more!)"
Eric Bloom
Eric Bloom