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Putting a friendly spin on the complex world of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a crowded space. There are a lot of companies out there that offer it as a service - some that simply tack it on to a laundry list of other services they offer, and some that have real expertise and it’s all they do. Two Wheels is definitely the latter. Mark and his team are world-class at providing SEO, PPC, and Paid Ad services that actually drive tangible results for their clients.

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The Problem

We’ve referred work back and forth with Two Wheels for quite some time, and when Mark approached us about redesigning their dated website, his biggest issue was that Two Wheels didn’t have a distinct brand. Apart from their unique name, had nothing separating them from anyone else in the industry. Their website was over 8 years old and was beginning to not only show its age, but was a mishmash of styles and wasn’t reflective of the level of quality they put into their client work. We needed to find what’s magical about Two Wheels and build a brand around that if we were going to help them stand out.

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Our Solution

Through the Brand Magic Workshop, we clarified exactly what it is that makes Two Wheels unique in their space: Yes, they get their clients results. But more than anything, what they hear from their clients is they finally understand what’s going on with their digital marketing. Two Wheels doesn’t just send over a monthly report and call it a day. They use plain language to explain very complex concepts to ensure the client feels empowered and clear. So we took that approach with their brand!

We designed a bright, friendly logo and website that feels approachable and plays off of the cycling vibe of their name. Plus, we gave them the coolest 404 page on the planet! The whole brand now communicates the fun, approachable nature of the agency, which is a complete shift from what everyone else in the industry is doing. In a sea of boring, faux-corporate digital marketing agencies, Two Wheels stands apart.

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"Just want to shout out to the whole Brave Little Beast team for the professionalism, creativity, and overall amazing experience going through the Brand Magic Workshop along with updated logo/brand and website. Really appreciate your creativity, brand magic, and guidance."
Mark Subel
Mark Subel
Two Wheels Marketing
Two Wheels Marketing